Cereal Box
Business Card

Everyone love solving the puzzle on the back of the cereal box while having breakfast, it is a great example of making use all the printed space of a packaging. What about the plain side inside the cereal box?

Order your eco business card made with cereal box (well also other cardboard packagings), the mark is stamped with your custom design. Let's it be a great talking point next time when you hand out your contact details!


Custom design business cards package

Price: £30.00

With this package, you will get 50 custom design business cards, come with the rubber stamp that used for them so you can create more if you need!

This package include:


Free logo conversion to Black + White

Your logo will be converted into black & white for stamping for free.
You will also receive a vector files of your logo.

Half price
BC design service

You will get 50% off on the service for your personalised business card design.
(Free when completed with any Branding project package )

10 stamped cards

There will be 10 re-used packaging cardboard stamped with your business card design.
Size: 60mm x 60mm

40 plain cards

And 40 plain one that you can use the rubber stamp to create them yourself.
(You can request to have all 50 cards pre-stamped for free.)

Free rubber stamp

You will also received the rubber stamp (made with reclaimed wood) that was used to made your business card.
(Value of £16.99)
Ideal to be used for letterheads, invoices, receipts etc. especially for creating more business card by yourself.

Postage included

All of these will be sent to you with postage cost included.
(UK only)

Extension pack

Price: £5.00

With the free rubber stamp you get when you order the above package, you can always get this pack of 50 cut-to-size plain cards and create more business card yourself when you run out.


50 plain cards

Made from re-used cardboard packaging.
Size: 60mm x 60mm

Get your own Cereal Box Business Card

Quantity of cards can be customised, please get in touch for more details and order yours.