I am a passionated designer based in South West UK and my three personal mottos for design are Inspirational, Purposeful and Honest.


DESIGN to improve human lifestyle - it doesn't matter how tiny the forward steps are in humanity, DESIGN is my tool to improve the world. I love to be inspired by everything around me and these influence my work, at the same time it is an obligation to inspire everyone around me with my DESIGN. Inspiration has no boundaries, we all in this world live with DESIGN. 


If ART is a form of an experiment to ask questions, then DESIGN is a form of practicality to deliver answers. I believe all DESIGN must have a purpose, it must solve something in a beautiful manner. DESIGN is ART that touches the human emotion, at the same time provides a logical solution in an unartistic attitude. 


"Good DESIGN is honest." A quote by Dieter Rams more than 50 years ago, it is also at the core of all my projects. Honest to my client, honest to myself and honest to DESIGN. It implies that DESIGN should concentrate on the essential aspects and it also states the way I live my life.

Hi I am Harris Lam and as you can guess, yes I am a British Chineses. I was born in the 90s in Hong Kong as a British citizen, I grew up witnessing the pass over of my home town from one country to another. In my teenage years, I moved to the UK and completed my A-levels and Bachelor's degree (with First Class!).

I entered the design industry straight after my graduation, I have worked in couples of design studios. Over the last 4 years, I have been contracted as the lead designer of a Somerset-based creative agency, Rocketbox, for clients including NHS, National Museum of Royal Navy, Fleet Air Arm Museum, Somerset Wildlife Trust, South Somerset District Council, Yeovil Country Park, St Margaret's Hospice, Ironman etc.

These great experiences allowed me to get involved in various types of projects, from corporate company stationary print to commissioned exhibitions design for a national museum, or from wildlife animal illustration for a country park to programing interactives on touch displays.

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Through these years I also worked on self-guided projects under the name ONEZERO, a two-man design brand founded with a friend from university who we shared the same vision in design. We focused on experimenting with design and having fun!

Till recent year, I decided to launch my design company under my own name and promo the concept of Dharma Design - takes the concept of harmony, sustainability and creates designs that make anything possible. Helping small start-up business, charity and community enterprise to reach out with a louder voice.